What’s Your Big WHY for Being in the Real Estate Industry?

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The real estate industry is harder and more challenging than ever before. In this article I am going to share with you a simple concept that has helped push me through the most challenging times I have ever seen in the real estate industry. I wanted to share this idea with you in case you were thinking about giving up and changing careers.

Why are you in this industry?
Many people decided on being a realtor because they thought it would be an opportunity to control their time, have their own business and earn a great living. Although all that is true if you are disciplined I want to invite you to think a little deeper on the topic. The clearer you can be about why you do what you do the more likely you will be to succeed.

A couple questions you can ask yourself to help define your purpose and get better results in the real estate industry.

What are 3 unique qualities that make you an excellent realtor? Asking that question has helped me realize the value I bring to the table and the importance of my work. Its helped build my confidence, understand and leverage my strengths while I work on my weaknesses.

What are the 3 biggest benefits you get in your life when you have a successful month and lots of real estate closings?

Why are those things important to you? Who else gets benefits from those results? This helps me bring to the front of my mind what my big WHY is for staying in this business.

Doing your job well and getting more real estate clients doesn’t just affect your life, your family’s life, or your team. There are also circumstances where people hire realtors that are not making that much money and are making poor decisions that could effect your potential clients in a negative way.

What could happen if someone that should use you as their realtor uses a realtor that doesn’t keep their best interest at heart? How else could that effect their life?

I think about this a lot because it inspires me to really get aggressive and It makes me feel like I am on a deeper mission when prospecting for clients. I think the people I work with can feel that I have a strong intention for their well being also…helping me build trust and attract more clients in the long run through referrals.