Future of Real Estate Industry

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Though we have experienced drastic economic issues in last year, still Kerala is a paradise for real estate agents. Kerala is a beautiful greenish state situated in southern part of India. Till now we can see the flow of money from other sources to real estate industry. Investing money in land and properties is benefited not only as an asset but also as a deposit for future. Comparing to other investing methods, real estate seems to be more rigid and free from high fluctuations in exchange rate. Economic specialists recommend youngsters to invest their money in solid assets like land, house,buildings etc compared to investing money in share markets. If you are not ready to participate in high risk business like share and equity markets, the best choice is real-estate business.

In India one of the major destination for real estate companies is kerala right after major metro cities. It is because of some of the following reasons.

* Growth of tourism in Kerala

* Flow of NRI (Non-Resident Indian)money to this state

* Growth of IT and IT related services in Kerala

* High human density

Kerala is one of the top rated tourist hub in International tourism map. If we compare the over all foreign visitors who came to India, Kerala enjoys the major share of it. Warm and pleasant climate, hill stations, beaches and back waters of Kerala attract visitors and the number of them increases per year. So investing money in acquiring properties in tourist places in Kerala is a new trend we can see.

Another reason for the sudden growth of real-estate in Kerala is the huge flow of NRL income. Kerala is the highly literate state in India and most of the youth is employed in United States, European couturiers and in Middle East. The money send by them is mainly used to purchase land and buildings. This phenomenon is one of the major backbone of real-estate industry in Kerala.

After tourism and NRI income, IT is the next major source of income in Kerala. In recent years Government of Kerala is promoting IT industries in Kerala and many new companies started their operation in Kerala. Introduction of major IT cities encourage the investment of money in acquiring lands near them.

So due to the presence of many factors like tourism,IT industries, NRI income etc, real estate service in Kerala seems to have good future.